If you're new to Trinity Church, we want you to know that we are here in the city to faithfully love Jesus and each other. A lot of this happens through our ministry and volunteer opportunities. We invite you to browse our ministries and learn how participating can bring new life and relationships to you and those around you! 

Interested in getting more involved? Would you consider serving?  You can do that here too!


Trinity kids

k-5th grade

We value our children. And every Sunday we have teachers that have been praying and preparing a time specifically for them to be able to come and have fun learning about Jesus and how much He loves them.



Jr High/High School

Our teenage years can be tough, and its easy to feel isolated and alone as you're trying to figure things out. Our hope is that Abide can be a safe place for you to go and be, realizing that you are not alone on this journey, that you are wanted, valued, and most importantly, you are loved by Jesus. 


SF groups

sermon based and shared interest gatherings

Life is not meant to be lived alone, rather we are created to "live it together," to know and be known. That is what it means to be in true friendship, and friendship takes more than an hour a week. Learning to trust each other enough to be at peace, to be vulnerable, to ask for help and to be a help in return. At Trinity Church, our Spiritual Formation (SF) Groups are a big part of how we pull this off. We love being together and we know you will too!


neighborhood outreach


Coffee Wednesday, Trinity Night walks, and everything in between

"Every moment that you spend with a neighbor is sacred, and every sacred encounter has the potential to lead us somewhere spectacular."


We want to be a church that takes captive every opportunity to bless our neighbors and to be a blessing to our neighborhood. If Jesus is the great lover of people, and if His church bears any resemblance to Him, then our surroundings should experience the fallout firsthand.


sunday operations

Set up/Tear Down, hospitality, and Tech teams

Trinity Church lives out of a box. Well, a box truck at least. Which means that every Sunday we set up our makeshift sanctuary, and then a few hours later, we tear it back down again. It's tedious but its good. Likewise, every week, we set up food, lay out bibles, pass out bulletins, cue up lyrics, dial in the sound, all of these wonderful tasks, for the glory of God and the ease and peace of those who gather. We would love to have you join us.