about trinity church


Our passion


Discovering the greatness of God through the everyday lives of His people.

We are a community of diverse individuals dedicated to a belief that God doesn't need big, impressive or prestigious means to reveal Himself (in fact He doesn't need anything). However, He chooses to use people like us: Regular, often unimpressive folks who don't have it all figured out, to reveal the depths of His love and mercy, through the way we befriend, work, learn, and live in the name of Jesus.

In other words, our everyday lives.

Because of that conviction, Trinity church has dedicated it's time, energy, gifts and resources to the following mission.

Love our Neighbors. Make Disciples. Plant Churches.

We believe that this is the most honest, faithful, and provocative way to continue Jesus' legacy of peace in our city, one neighborhood at a time.


Our place


For many of us, the Outer Mission is first our home. It is a beautifully messy place that houses the intersection of a number of historic neighborhoods (Excelsior, Ingleside, Crocker-Amazon, and Mission Terrace), where a multiplicity of races and cultures merge in a unique hybrid that seems to escape most neighborhoods in the city.

Furthermore, the Outer Mission still belongs in many respects to the blue-collar working class, and in an era of tremendous change no less. Yet somehow these neighborhoods have held onto their identity as the largest family sector (i.e. there are more families per home) in the city, retaining their businesses, homes, restaurants, even community centers. So then, if the Outer Mission has slipped off the radar for San Francisco’s incoming transplant population, why plant a church here?

It's simple. The church is responsible for far more than just another Sunday service. Rather we are called to engage the public with a message and presence that can be rightly described as “good news.” And so because of that, we hope to be the answer to the age old question, what if there were churches dedicated to the renewal and peace of a place, and not just their people?

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Our team



We are here to love God, love the Outer Mission and you! We want to hear from you, so just click on any profile to connect. We'd love to buy you a cup of coffee and hear your story.